Friday, January 10, 2014

Wigglesworth loses a friend

For the most part, our world here at Wigglesworth Pet Artwork is a happy one. We get to look at cute pets all day and take 3 hour lunches! But today, there is a cloud in our skies. Our beloved friend, Sasha has passed away. Sasha was a wonderful cat who fought all his life to remind humans of their place. He ruled his people with an iron paw. With the swish of his tail and an imperial look, Sasha seemed to say, "You are beneath me, peasant!" But despite his disdain for humanity, Sasha was loved by all who met him. You just couldn't help admiring his authority and kitty charisma as he strutted past you. But it was his secret tender side that won our hearts. King Sasha (as his familiars called him) had a soft spot for a warm lap and a few cuddles. Of course, this weakness never got in the way of his work as superior cat. He was in short a magnificent creature. Our thoughts and love go out to Sasha's family and friends. We thank them for giving him such a loving home all these years (and for the photo). We will miss Sasha dearly!

XOXO Wigglesworth Pet Artwork