Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation Time!

Hello Loyal Followers,
It's vacation time here at The Wigglesworth Connection! I'm travelling to along the California coast while Scarlett stays at home with her great-grandparents. I have to admit I'm feeling a little nervous about leaving her behind. This will be the first time we've ever been apart! I can tell I'm going a bit overboard... I've left two pages of instructions for Scarlett's care and tried to get her sitters to send me daily photos! Part of me knows she will be okay but the other part can't help but worry about her. 

"Do I get extra treats when you're gone?"
In other news, Scarlett had to go on a bit of a diet. She went in for her yearly check-up with the vet last week. She is all healthy except for the two pounds she gained this year. It's my fault; I've been way too generous with the Craisins. Now, she is on a restricted Craisins and bunny kibble. Her Highness is not pleased with the new food plan but I'm trying to stay strong!
See you when we get back!
XOXO Meaghan

Monday, July 7, 2014

Whole Foods Just Made A VERY Bad Decision!

Hello, my long-lost friends!

It seems like it has been FOREVER since I've been on the blog. I've been grounded for "using the computer without human supervision" and "being a brat". Apparently, my free speech is only protected from the government, not Mommy. She also explained that rabbits were not included in the Constitution under We the People! The nerve of some founding fathers!

Now that I am allowed to use the computer again, I am angry! My inbox (Yes, I have my own inbox!) was full of emails about Whole Foods and their recent decision to sell rabbit meat. This rabbit meat would be the same exact rabbits as us domesticated pet rabbits! The most common type of meat rabbit is the New Zealand which horrifically is the breed of Mommy's last bunny. *SHUDDER*

Image courtesy Christie Taylor

It gets worse too! Not only are our brothers and sisters being slaughtered, they are being slaughtered inhumanely. Bunnies are not protected under the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. Avoiding the disgusting and sad details, these rabbits can die scared and in pain. It is appalling and repulsive!

Image courtesy @FidelRabbit

In light of these atrocities, Wigglesworth Pet Artwork, Mommy, and myself urge you to join us in taking a stand against Whole Foods and their decision! The House Rabbit Society has called for a boycott of Whole Foods here. They also have a great article on what else rabbit lovers and animal people can do to help. Another easy way to make your opinion known is to sign the petition calling for the end of Whole Foods rabbit meat program. If you would like more information on meat rabbits and the fight to end the Whole Foods program, SaveABunny has some excellent information. Please consider getting involved! 
And let's remember that bunnies are friends, not food!
XOXO Scarlett O'Hare

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Bunny Speaks

Dear Mommy,
I was shocked to see your previous post about my personal business! I never realized it would be you airing my dirty laundry and selling insider stories to tabloids. I guess some people just can't handle their jealousy!
As you mentioned, things are changing now that I am a star. Unfortunately, you left out several key changes that need to happen.
 First of all, breakfast needs to be served before noon. Quit calling it brunch and acting like it is a real thing. It's you being lazy! Breakfast should be served in the morning hours regardless of your schedule.
Second, getting distracted is not an acceptable reason to forget to feed me dinner! In fact, there are no acceptable reasons to forget to feed me dinner. And no, it doesn't count when you come in later apologizing and babbling about work. I like my dinner at 6; not at 10! 
Third, "Pants Free" is not the way to be! Your personal philosophy regarding clothing seems to be "Pants Free is The Way to Be" at least around the house. I must strenuously object to this policy! Not only is it unsightly but you leave yourself vulnerable to accidental injury. Like that time you sat on my pine cone?! Cover your hairless self for everyone's sake!
Finally, quit posting about MY private life on the internet! I know it must be hard being an anonymous hoomin. Especially given my meteoric rise to fame but please try to manage your petty jealousies. No more inappropriate posts about my litter box habits!
I hope you will take this message to heart. I don't like having to publicly call you out but I will do it again if necessary! 
XOXO Scarlett O'Hare

P.S. See you in a few hours for BREAKFAST!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dear Scarlett...

Dear Scarlett,
I know you are famous now. You've had a taste of the high life and you can't be expect to live like an ordinary house bunny anymore. Changes must be made! That is totally fine. However, peeing outside the litter box is not going to be one of those changes! You are more than welcome to sleep all day, throw things around your room, constant preen and groom for your adoring public. I will even tolerate your new cultivated aloofness. But you still need to use your litter box! 

 In case you've forgotten, this is what it looks like! For your convenience, I've even set up 2 litter boxes in your room. That way you are never more that 3 feet from a box. It would be much easier for everyone if you did your business there rather than on the freshly washed rugs.
Enjoy your new found celebrity! And quit peeing on my floor!
Love Always,

Friday, May 23, 2014

Guess What?

I'm the disapproving bunny over on Disapproving Bun! I'm so excited... I just love being admired! Maybe now that I'm famous, Mommy will give me extra treats. I will try to remember the little people despite my new found fame! :) 
XOXO Scarlett O'Hare

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hiya Chums,
As my Grandma Robin likes to say: Holy Hotflash! We're having a heatwave in San Diego this week. It's well into the 90s! Mommy always says her people weren't meant to survive in temperatures that high but what about MY people? I have fur! All I can do is rest on the tile in front of my little fan and drink ice water (Mommy put ice cubes in my bowl!). I wish I could unzip my fur for a few hours....
There's a lot of this going on around the house today:
We'll return once temperatures are suitable for human and bunny life. Until then, stay cool ( or warm depending on your location).
XOXO Scarlett

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hello Lovelies!
It's been a Sunday Funday around here today! We cut loose and had a ball. There were naps, lunch and some fun games. Most importantly, we got comfortable! Some more than others...

You said 'Make myself comfy'!
And to add to our fun, we received an award from our buddy Speedy! He gave us the YooHoo Award. We've had to complete several tasks for our award. First, we needed to thank the person who gave it to us. Secondly, we had to comment on 3 of the blogs that received the award along with us. Hello new friends! :) Next, we are have to tell you three things we are celebrating. 
1.) Being with our family today, reminded us how lucky we are to have such a wonderful and loving support system. We are celebrating our family and friends!
2.) We are so excited to have received 375 visitors (this month) to our website, Wigglesworth Pet Artwork
3.) We celebrate each other! We are both better off for knowing the other. Our human/bunny bond is worth celebrating! In fact, every bond between human and animal is precious. We celebrate you guys too!

Our next job is to pass it on to 7 blogs! Without further ado, we present the YooHoo Award to:
We hope everyone has fun passing this along! Have a wonderful week!
XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett

P.S. Check back this week to hear about my continued battle against Mommy's new camera! -Scarlett (My entries will now be italicized to avoid confusion since Mommy and I both post on here. Thanks, Auntie Sam for pointing out this glitch!)