Friday, February 7, 2014

Scarlett's First Gotcha Day

Hello Blogo-Buddies,
This Sunday marks a BIG day for Scarlett: It's her first Gotcha Day! I can't believe it has been a year since we adopted each other. I wish I could say ours was a love at first sight but in reality, we were both too damaged to love each other immediately. I had just lost my first bunny suddenly to GI stasis; Scarlett was an abused bunny who spent several months with a rescue group waiting for a forever home. We needed each other in a bad way!
Scarlett's First Picture
 When I first brought her home, she was jumpy and shy. I couldn't touch her or move near her. Hands seemed to scare her most of all. Even when uncertain and scared, Scarlett remained curious. I could see she was really a curious and bossy bunny under her frightened exterior (That's how she got her name: Scarlett O'Hare). I remember sitting on the floor with her one night staring at each other (we did the a lot in the first few months) and telling her that I would wait as long as it took for her to be comfortable with me. It took about six months before I could pet her. It was another 2 months before she started seeking me out for love and play. In the meantime, she saw me through grief so deep I thought I wouldn't survive. We saved each other in every sense!
A Happy Scarlett
Today, Scarlett is a happy and trusting rabbit who no longer fears hands or new people. As predicted, she is a bossy bit of business who likes to nip and nudge people until they move where she wants them. Scarlett has revealed her unnatural intelligence in several elaborate escape plans. Her great-grandfather (an engineer) frequently declares things bunny-proof only to be foiled by Scarlett and her nefarious plans.  She has come so far this year. I am so proud of her. I am proud to be her mommy! 
In honor of Scarlett and her incredible accomplishments, we are having a little party. This Sunday shall be Scarlett's Big Day, a celebration of her first year! There will be food, family, friends fun, and of course, a bunny theme! We wish we could have each and every one of you join us but the next best thing:
 Tune in Monday morning for pictures and stories from the party!
XOXO, Meaghan