Monday, February 10, 2014

My Big Day!

Hello my lovely followers,
Scarlett O'Hare here to tell you all about my big party. I was supposed to be able to post this morning as promised but Mommy hogged the computer. Like work is an acceptable reason to keep me from my public! 
Here I am enjoying a present.... I wish Mommy took better pictures!

Anyways, yesterday was my big party! I had so much fun and way too many treats... In fact, I'm still recovering from all the fun. Mommy spent all day decorating the house. There were bunnies everywhere! Even better, there were pictures of me all over.
Oh look, bunnies!
Picture of me! They really were lovely.

All of my friends and family came too! I have a lot of human family for a bunny. Mommy says I'm not allowed to post pictures of them because of privacy. But I can share a picture of my favorite bunny friend!
This is Mr. Bunnz. Mom likes to make jokes about him being the strong silent type. Humans!
I had 9 people visit me for my big day! Some even brought presents. Of course, I was happy to see everyone regardless but presents are always nice. 
My Goodies
There seemed to be all sorts of tasty human food. Not that I got any! My grandma did make me a bunny-shaped cake. Again, I still didn't get to eat any! I did get some nice cranberries and a bunny biscuit.
My Bunny Cake- Thanks Grandma!
Me and Grandma
Mommy unveiled a portrait of me for my party. I've been waiting to finally have a painting of myself in my room... I have one of Mommy's previous bunny. I thought I deserved a portrait too! After all, I help Mommy run Wigglesworth Pet Portraits... It's only fair I got my own portrait. I think Mommy did a wonderful job! It looks just like me. I kinda think I need a crown but Mom disagrees. I'll wear her down eventually!
Finally! My portrait 
I'd say I had a really great party! There was love, craisins, and lots of bunnies! The humans seemed to have fun too. I mean, how could they not? There was pizza, cake, and me! Everything needed for fun! I think I need another nap just thinking about all the excitement. Maybe some dinner too. Well, I better go remind Mom that dinner is late! 
XOXO Scarlett O'Hare
There were even Scarlett-themed favors!


  1. aww you had a wonderful day for your gotcha day,gotcha's are just the best aren't they,Happy Gotcha,xx Speedy

  2. Love the little bunny baskets filled with candy! I wonder where ever they came from? LOL