Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Are Live!

Hello my lovelies,
It's Scarlett O'Hare here. Mommy is buried under paperwork and books right now so it's fallen to me to update you. Today, I helped pushed the giant red "Publish" button on our website. Mommy and I did it together! I was a little sleepy since she interrupted my nap. The good news is our official website is now online. You can go see us here! I promise you will enjoy it! I did... But I was celebrating with Craisins! :)
Whew, being an executive rabbit is exhausting! All that button-pushing and cranberry snacking has tired me out. It's time for my 'executive' nap!
See ya later!
XOXO Scarlett 


  1. Yow Scarlett it iz lubly to meet ya!! me LUBZ bunneh leerned to binkie frum me furendz Trinket (RIP) n Tilly n Peaty Gurl a long time ago....
    Pleeze snuggle Miss Meaghan fer me okayz!!
    guud luck on pushin da button too ;)
    Yer new furend Nylablue =^,,^=

    1. I am so happy you want to be friends! I don't have a lot of kitty friends and always wanted more :) XOXO Scarlett

  2. Love you web site the portraits are very cute,congratulations,xx Speedy

    1. Thank you, Speedy! We are so happy you approve! XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett