Monday, April 14, 2014

Humans with bright lights

Hello My Lovely Friends,
Scarlett O'Hare here to report the happenings around the 'office'. My weekend was fairly relaxing until Mommy decided she needed a new camera. She claims her old one wasn't working but I suspect she just wanted a new way to torture me. Now, I can't get away from her and her flashing lights! Everywhere I go, Mommy follows shoving her camera in my face WITH the flash on. Doesn't she know my eyes are delicate?! 
Seriously, woman! Watch the flash!
I better get use to all the attention. After all, I am adorable and a minor celebrity. I guess heavy is the head that wears the cuteness....
Its not easy being this cute! 
I would be more cooperative if Mommy didn't take pictures from unflattering angles. But no, she makes me look chubby! Everyone knows white is the hardest color to pull off especially when the camera adds 10 pounds.
Does this blankie make me look fat?
Well, I am nothing if not resourceful. I will find a way to avoid Mommy and her unflattering photos. Maybe she won't see me if I stay in my cardboard house.....
XOXO Scarlett


  1. Oh, my gracious! You are so pretty, SweetiePie! There is no such thing as an unflattering photo of you! Mommy just has to point and click and you are beautimous!

    1. Thank you! I do love people who find me pretty. We should be friends! :)
      XOXO Scarlett

  2. Oh My !you are looking Beautiful today!xx Speedy

  3. Replies
    1. Finally, someone who understands the burden of beauty!
      XOXO Scarlett

  4. Yer so pluxureeuss Scarlett! Ya wear yer white purrfectlee!
    Me Mum had to buy a new cammyra last yeer n diz one seemz to flash all da FLOUNDERIN time! Me makez squintee eyez n Mum haz to take more me triez to just face da cammyra n let me PawPawrazzi get on wif it ;)
    We Deevaz' must stick together rite??
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=