Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dear Scarlett...

Dear Scarlett,
I know you are famous now. You've had a taste of the high life and you can't be expect to live like an ordinary house bunny anymore. Changes must be made! That is totally fine. However, peeing outside the litter box is not going to be one of those changes! You are more than welcome to sleep all day, throw things around your room, constant preen and groom for your adoring public. I will even tolerate your new cultivated aloofness. But you still need to use your litter box! 

 In case you've forgotten, this is what it looks like! For your convenience, I've even set up 2 litter boxes in your room. That way you are never more that 3 feet from a box. It would be much easier for everyone if you did your business there rather than on the freshly washed rugs.
Enjoy your new found celebrity! And quit peeing on my floor!
Love Always,


  1. Hehehehe Scarlett you are cheeky,xx Speedy

  2. Oh me oh my Scarlett yere in da poop now so to speek!!
    Once a hu'Man nose ya iz littur trained dere iz no goin back to peein n poopin like a wild bunneh outside da box....
    If ya use da box ya mite get more Craisinz ;)
    Lub Nylablue xoxoxo