Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hiya Chums,
As my Grandma Robin likes to say: Holy Hotflash! We're having a heatwave in San Diego this week. It's well into the 90s! Mommy always says her people weren't meant to survive in temperatures that high but what about MY people? I have fur! All I can do is rest on the tile in front of my little fan and drink ice water (Mommy put ice cubes in my bowl!). I wish I could unzip my fur for a few hours....
There's a lot of this going on around the house today:
We'll return once temperatures are suitable for human and bunny life. Until then, stay cool ( or warm depending on your location).
XOXO Scarlett


  1. Oh poor baby,stay cool,but you could send some heat our way as its chilly here,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Hotflashes...Granny knows all about it. Stay cool, Scarlett :) Pawkiss :)