Monday, July 7, 2014

Whole Foods Just Made A VERY Bad Decision!

Hello, my long-lost friends!

It seems like it has been FOREVER since I've been on the blog. I've been grounded for "using the computer without human supervision" and "being a brat". Apparently, my free speech is only protected from the government, not Mommy. She also explained that rabbits were not included in the Constitution under We the People! The nerve of some founding fathers!

Now that I am allowed to use the computer again, I am angry! My inbox (Yes, I have my own inbox!) was full of emails about Whole Foods and their recent decision to sell rabbit meat. This rabbit meat would be the same exact rabbits as us domesticated pet rabbits! The most common type of meat rabbit is the New Zealand which horrifically is the breed of Mommy's last bunny. *SHUDDER*

Image courtesy Christie Taylor

It gets worse too! Not only are our brothers and sisters being slaughtered, they are being slaughtered inhumanely. Bunnies are not protected under the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. Avoiding the disgusting and sad details, these rabbits can die scared and in pain. It is appalling and repulsive!

Image courtesy @FidelRabbit

In light of these atrocities, Wigglesworth Pet Artwork, Mommy, and myself urge you to join us in taking a stand against Whole Foods and their decision! The House Rabbit Society has called for a boycott of Whole Foods here. They also have a great article on what else rabbit lovers and animal people can do to help. Another easy way to make your opinion known is to sign the petition calling for the end of Whole Foods rabbit meat program. If you would like more information on meat rabbits and the fight to end the Whole Foods program, SaveABunny has some excellent information. Please consider getting involved! 
And let's remember that bunnies are friends, not food!
XOXO Scarlett O'Hare


  1. We hear you Scarlet we have sent them an email asking them to stop and signed petions too,xx Speedy

    1. Thanks for your help Speedy! Us bunnies need to stick together :)
      XOXO Scarlett