Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hello Lovelies!
It's been a Sunday Funday around here today! We cut loose and had a ball. There were naps, lunch and some fun games. Most importantly, we got comfortable! Some more than others...

You said 'Make myself comfy'!
And to add to our fun, we received an award from our buddy Speedy! He gave us the YooHoo Award. We've had to complete several tasks for our award. First, we needed to thank the person who gave it to us. Secondly, we had to comment on 3 of the blogs that received the award along with us. Hello new friends! :) Next, we are have to tell you three things we are celebrating. 
1.) Being with our family today, reminded us how lucky we are to have such a wonderful and loving support system. We are celebrating our family and friends!
2.) We are so excited to have received 375 visitors (this month) to our website, Wigglesworth Pet Artwork
3.) We celebrate each other! We are both better off for knowing the other. Our human/bunny bond is worth celebrating! In fact, every bond between human and animal is precious. We celebrate you guys too!

Our next job is to pass it on to 7 blogs! Without further ado, we present the YooHoo Award to:
We hope everyone has fun passing this along! Have a wonderful week!
XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett

P.S. Check back this week to hear about my continued battle against Mommy's new camera! -Scarlett (My entries will now be italicized to avoid confusion since Mommy and I both post on here. Thanks, Auntie Sam for pointing out this glitch!)


  1. Hey Scarlett, first thank you for visiting my bloggy and leaving a comment so I could get to know you. Good luck with that new Mom has had hers for two years and lost the instructions so she is still learning! MOL

  2. Oh Scarlet this is excellent,Isn't sharing the love is awesome,xx Speedy

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of us and thanks for visiting our bloggy. It's great to meet you :)

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  4. *coverz eyez wif paw* me iz so so so embarrassed NEBER knew ya gave us diz award n we feel pawfull *givez Mum da 'stink eye'*
    Diz iz pawfull n ME apaulogizez a bazillion timez fer diz oversite....
    Me gott Mum to save da award n we will post it in our next bloggie..
    Yer bery embarrassed furend Nylablue =^,,^=